worst foods that we should avoid

Foods that are Worst for your Teeth

In the previous article, we listed the foods that are good for healthy teeth. In this article, we’ll discuss the worst foods that we should avoid! Well, your food choices not only affect your body but your teeth as well. In fact, your teeth are the first to come into contact with what you eat and drink.  Moving away from unhealthy food choices can help reduce enamel erosion. Also, make sure to get your teeth examined and dental teeth cleaning once every 6 months to make sure they are healthy. Moreover, it can help promote oral health and a healthy smile.

Unhealthy Foods For Unhealthy Teeth

Bacteria often breaks down the sugar and processed carbohydrates found in our food into acid. This acid, then corrodes our enamel, leading to the development of cavities in our teeth. Unhealthy foods are also said to cause bad breath.

Hence, it is imperative that you watch you let into your mouth. Below, we’ve listed a good number of unhealthy foods that you should avoid. By simply reducing the intake of unhealthy foods, you can help prevent and treat already damaged teeth.


worst food pickles

It’s hard to believe that our favorite snack alternative is bad for our teeth. Yet, the fact remains that pickles are high in acidity. This is due to the vinegar that they are soaked in. Their acidic nature tends to corrode the enamel considerably.

Sweets and Hard Candies

worst food sweets and candies

Sweets are obviously very bad for the health of our teeth. Bacteria tend to feed off the sugar found in sweets, breaking it down into acid. The acid, hence, corrodes our teeth, leading to cavities and weak teeth.

Stay away from both soft and hard candies, as they are both bad for teeth. Instead, purchase sugar-free gums that contain no sugar at all. Such gums stimulate saliva production, which cleans the bacteria off teeth.

Soft Drinks and Sports Drinks

worst food soft and sports drinks

People tend to think that sports drinks are better than soft drinks. However, they are both very harmful to the overall health of our teeth. They are both loaded with high amounts of sugar and acid. More specifically, citric acid.

Both ingredients have the ability to corrode the enamel of our teeth, promote tooth decay, as well as weaken them considerably. Medical health experts recommend that we steer away from them. Not only for the good of our bodies but our teeth too.

Coffee and Tea

worst food coffee and tea

Coffee ranks as one of the top most popular drinks worldwide. It goes without saying that coffee is an absolute favorite among the American Population. Even though it helps keep us awake and energized throughout the day, it is detrimental to our teeth.

Coffee has a tendency to cause stains and discoloration to our teeth. This can be very unflattering, but can also attract the growth of bacteria. Black tea, regardless of what most think, also cause stains on teeth.

According to research, coffee, tea, and wine are very high in tannins. Tannin is a substance that gives the above-mentioned drinks their ability to stain teeth.

White Bread

worst food white bread

Yes, white bread is bad for both our bodies and teeth. White bread is loaded with sugar and unhealthily processed carbohydrates. According to the howel dentist NJ – Dr. Jaber, white bread tends to stick to our teeth due to the process of fermentation.

The longer the bread remains stuck to our teeth, the more time the bacteria have to break it down into acid. This, in turn, causes enamel erosion and cavity formation.

Stay away from white bread, as well as cookies, pastries and other foods high in starch and processed carbohydrates.


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