Make your next dental teeth cleaning less painful

Teeth cleaning appointments are some of the most dreaded appointments that people have indicated on their list of fears. Many end up asking is deep cleaning painful? Or does dental teeth cleaning hurt? Yes, it does, but it is all dependent on how well you take care of your teeth. In this article, we have included the best tips to make your next teeth cleaning less painful!

According to Dr. Najwa Jaber: “What’s most important is that dental cleaning doesn’t hurt unless you have inflammation and you have inflammation if you don’t brush and floss properly and if you don’t get regular professional cleanings every 6 months”.

The more effort you put into taking care of your pearly whites, then the lesser the pain will end up being when deep cleaning is being performed.

7 tips to make dental teeth cleaning less painful!

Listed below are some tips to take into consideration before visiting the dentist for a deep cleaning of your teeth.

1. Consider oil pulling

Oil pulling method for teeth cleaning

Oil pulling is the process through which one is able to swish oil, i.e. sesame, sunflower or coconut for a period of about 20 minutes in order to improve one’s oral health. This helps keep the teeth white and makes them less sensitive. It has also been found to actually improve on one’s gum health and help with the removal of various harmful bacteria in one’s mouth.

2. Get Numb

Get Numb for teeth cleaning

One may easily ask their hygienist to make your gum numb for the whole process. This may be done by the use of anesthesia administered using a Q-tip through the topical application on the area being cleaned. This has been able to work for most people.

3. Use a Desensitizing Toothpaste

Desensitizing Toothpaste for painless teeth cleaning

There are various kinds of toothpaste that one may take into consideration before they have the deep cleaning performed. This may include Sensodyne Pro Enamel. One is advised to try to make this their daily toothpaste as it reduces the sensitivity of the gums.

4. Avoid Over Brushing

over brushing can hurt

By over brushing your teeth, you tend to wear them down very easily making them more sensitive and prone to gum recession, cavities and diseases. One is advised to be gentle with their teeth when brushing and change their toothbrushes at least after four to six weeks. This is because the more you use your toothbrush, the sharper the bristles become and this is very dangerous to the enamel.

5. Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

electric tooth brush are better

Electric toothbrushes have been found to do an impeccable job when it comes to cleaning below the gum line, which reduces the deep cleaning process. Given that one is able to use it appropriately, the electronic toothbrush will do all the work for you and prevent you from over brushing. Just simply hold the toothbrush against your teeth and move it gently. Do not brush back and forth.

6. Be Picky

be picky choosing dentist for cleaning

One needs to find either a dentist or a hygienist who will not tell them not to move or suck it up during the whole deep cleaning process. One needs to find someone who will make them feel more comfortable even if the process ends up being painful. However, don’t be too comfortable to have a poor job done on your teeth. Professional dental clinic for oral hygiene can help you with your deep teeth cleaning process by making sure it is less painful.

7. Try to Stop Gum Recession

gum recession

In as much as the desensitizing toothpaste essential, it is very important for one to be in a position to prevent a recession from happening. This may be avoided by one having frequent deep cleaning, flossing, and brushing of teeth.

In conclusion, to answer the question is deep teeth cleaning painful? Well, it all boils down to how well you treat your teeth. For more information or dental cleanings visit Family dentist in Howell, NJ.


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