Best Dental Mouth Guard Care & Fitting In Howell, NJ

Dental mouth guards

At Smile For Me, we offer the best dental mouth guard care & fitting services within Howell, NJ. If you do come by our office, there are a couple things you need to know about dental mouth guard.

Dental Mouth Guard is Important

Dental mouth guard is imperative to the protection of our teeth. They help protect our teeth from damage by covering the upper part of our teeth. If left unprotected, your teeth may be susceptible to damage, as well as the development of other dental problems.

Dental mouth guards are also designed to protect the area surrounding the teeth. These areas include the check lining and tongue. Due to its function, a dental mouth guard is often used by individuals that often partake in sports activities. Mouth guard is also a great idea if you have braces.

Types of Dental Mouth Guards

Whenever you pay your local dentist a visit, it helps to have prior knowledge of what to expect. Having prior insight into the type of dental mouth guards available should help you make an informed choice. They include:

  • Stock Mouth Guard: These types of mouth guards are typically made out of foam. Additionally, you can easily access them and are very affordable. However, the disadvantages definitely outweigh the advantages in this instance.

Even though they are easily accessible, they only come in limited sizes. Meaning, not everyone can use them, and more they are usually not a perfect fit. In turn, you have to keep your jaws closed in order to keep the mouth guard from shifting around. This can extremely uncomfortable, especially if you are a using them while playing a certain sport.

Moreover, due to their weight, they tend to affect a person’s speech, as well as breathing ability. This can negatively affect your performance on the field.

  • Boil and Bite: This type of mouth guard is not that different from stock mouth guard. However, they are designed to fit more comfortably in your mouth as compared to the stock mouth guards.

Just as its name suggests, they are first boiled in water, before you can put them in the mouth. The boiling process helps soften the material of the mouth guard, increasing its ability to adapt to the shape of your teeth. Hence, they fit better.

  • Custom- fitted Mouth Guard: Such mouth guard is often prescribed by the dentist. This type is considered as they are custom made to perfectly fit in your mouth and over your teeth. The dentist molds it according to the shape of your teeth. Hence, you can be assured of comfort and ease while using it.

Additionally, it can be created according to suit its intended use, be it sports or to grinding. Regardless of how much they cost, they can protect your teeth better and for longer.

How to perform Mouth Guard Care?

Once you’ve been prescribed your very own custom fit mouth guard, you need to take care of it. There are various things to consider when it comes to taking care of and cleaning your dental mouth guard. Let us take look:

  • Use your toothbrush to clean the hard to reach areas. Always do this before and after use.
  • When cleaning your dental mouth guard, ensure that you do not use hot water.
  • Place it on a clean surface for it to dry
  • Always store it in its case to protect it from germs and dirt

Where To Get The Best Dental Mouth Guards?

At Smile For Me, you can get the best dental mouth guards that not only offer comfort but durability. We put to use our skill and expertise to create long-lasting and perfectly fitting mouth guards for all our patients. So, visit us today and get your custom fitted mouth guard at an affordable price![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]