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A dental crown is a type of restoration treatment that is imperative for the health and protection of your teeth.  It is made out of porcelain to create a cap-like structure that can fit on top of the tooth in need of restoration. Additionally, a porcelain dental crown can also be placed over a dental implant and is also used to create a dental bridge.

dental crown procedure shouldn’t normally take more than two visits. Normally, on the first visit, the dentist often places a temporary crown over the damaged tooth. On the second visit is when a permanent one is used over the tooth.

Here at Smile For Me, we can quickly restore your damaged tooth with our high- quality porcelain dental crown & care.

Why You Need a Dental Crown & Care Service?

Our teeth are structured into different parts, the crown is the outermost part of the tooth. Hence, the crown is visible to the eye and acts as the protective layer of the tooth. The stronger the enamel of the crown, the healthier your teeth will be. In other words, the crown protects the tooth from the infiltration of bacteria.

However, if your tooth is damaged, the more susceptible it is to bacterial infection. If left untreated, the health of your tooth will only deteriorate over time. Performing everyday functions such as chewing food may prove difficult. Moreover, you could end up losing your tooth.

This is where a dental crown comes in. A dental crown procedure restores your crown to its previous state. Also, it helps protect the interior parts of the tooth from bacterial infection and decay. In essence, our crown dental care procedures not only improve the functionality of teeth but the appearance as well.

Our Dental Crown & Care Procedure

Dental crowns are usually manufactured out of two different materials. They include:

  • All- Porcelain Crowns: At Smile For Me we specialize in the use of Porcelain dental crowns, which happens to very popular in terms of use. People generally prefer this type of crown due to their natural white color. Hence, they tend to blend in with the rest of the tooth.

They are very strong and do not stain easily like natural teeth do.

  • All- Gold Crowns: This type of crown is reinforced with metal to make it strong. However, its yellowish- gold color tends to stand out. In other words, it does not look natural or blend in with the color of natural teeth.

After you get your temporary crown placed over your damaged tooth, please ensure that you have it replaced with a permanent one. Temporary crowns are usually not created to last as long. They tend to deteriorate over time and compromise the health of your tooth.

Smile For Me Crown Dental & Care

We offer our porcelain dental crown care services to both children and adults alike. With our state of the art structured crowns, you can be assured of maximum protection from tooth damage.

Our prices differ according to the extent of damage to your tooth. However, we do ensure that our prices are fair to all that seek our services. Insurance will help cut down on cost and expenses.

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