Cleaning & Prevention

Preventing the onset, recurrence, and progress of dental diseases and conditions requires a team effort carried by the patient, the dentist, and the dental staff. The focus of preventive care is to preserve natural dentition and its supporting structure.

The first step into preventing dental disease is a dental check up to assess your oral health. This is achieved at your visit once you all necessary forms. Upon your visit, lifestyle and oral hygiene habits will be discussed to further educate our team on your individual and personal needs. The Smile For Me dental team is highly trained and thrives to guide you on the path to optimum dental health. Our staff is dedicated to offering continuous support to you, as we take pride in helping you reach your goal.

Prevention also includes regular dental exams, cleanings, and X-rays. Sealants and fluoride are also great preventive treatments that help protect the teeth.

Prevention helps avoid serious and costly dental problems and is the key to having a healthy, confident, beautiful smile!