Dental Hygiene for Children

Good dental habits need to be inculcated right from childhood. Dr. Jaber is ensuring that every young child learns and practices sound oral hygiene that will keep their teeth and smile healthy.

A beautiful smile is not made by evenly shaped and aligned teeth alone; they should be clean and healthy too.

Beating the Fear of the Dentist!

A spell in the dentist’s chair is something most of us try to avoid at all costs. Overcoming the phobia and seeking regular preventative dental care is something we need to start doing right away.

The one thing that most of us fear is a visit to the dentist! It is a phobia that refuses to go away no matter how much we try to rationalize the apprehensions.

What You Need to Know About Pediatric Oral Care via Real Simple

Taking care of your kids’ teeth—brushing, nagging about brushing, flossing, nagging about flossing—is probably one of your least favorite parental jobs. But it’s a necessary evil: Cavities are the single most common chronic childhood disease in America, affecting one in four kids ages 2 to 5. So open wide; here’s a painless pediatric dental checkup.

The Vital Importance of Your Six-Month Check Up

If you’ve ever gone for a significant period of time without visiting the dentist, you’ll likely be aware that things can go south in a hurry. By seeing your local dental professional every six months or so, you’ll catch minor problems before they become far worse. Individuals who visit the dentist twice each year can count on brilliant white smiles that will impress friends and colleagues alike.